Sørens corner

About my self

I am down to earth, empathic, strategic and process oriented – and apparently with my facemask turned inside out.

Developer, lazy and with a project manager’s mindset.

Yup, your read correct. I am lazy, but this is a positive factor and one of my strengths. It helps getting the processes right and at the same time it helps with automating the boring tasks. If I have to do the same task more than 3 times, it is 2 times too much and I begin to think automation.

  • Fødselsdag: September 22nd
  • Website: www.sørenpetermichaelsen.dk
  • Telephone: +45 Let's meet first
  • City: Odense
  • Sociale media: sometimes
  • Age: at least
  • about.education: Ba. Negot (Spansk), Cand. Oecon
  • about.language: Danish, English, Spanish
  • Other languages: about.more_language_resonse
  • Work: Yes, I have that.

When I went to the Danish equivalent of the American high school, we could choose between a mathematical or linguistic path. Either/or. I then realized that I was able to navigate both paths. This stills comes into play today. All I have to do must work perfectly and at the same time be understandable for everyone.


We all have qualifications. There are those we excel in, and others we are good at. Finally, we also have the qualifications we need to stay clear of. It is important to recognize the latter and focus on what we are good at.

Backend (PHP / Laravel)90%
Frontend 50%
Linux 75%
Cooking 100%
Structured 100%
Starter 90%
Coordinating 85%
Teaching 80%
Doing dishes 10%

Bonus facts

4 random facts about me


km is the longest bikeride in one go


countries visited


is my resting heart rate


cold Tuborg is always welcome


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