Sørens hjørne

Back to basic

As you might have seen in my Apple product list, it all began with a Mac Mini from 2012. I sold it to my sister for 1000 kr and it is no secret that I have missed my little silent hardworking machine. I have now gotten a hold of a new old Mac Mini from 2012. Why? – why not..

I like the Mini from 2012 (and 2014 for that matter). Very silent, and it works without complaining. Fair enough, it might run into difficulties if rendering 4K video in Final Cut, or editing a 50MP image in Photoshop. But I don’t mind. I am not going to use it for that.

I need to upgrade it a bit since it came with the basic: 500gb mechanical harddrive and 4gb Ram. I will upgrade it to 16gb of memory and a 256 GB SSD. I don’t need more space, since it is mainly office use and a bit of coding. So I don’t need that much space.
I don’t need xcode since my app development is limited. As long as I can run a vagrant box, develop in PHP and python and some database management, and Microsoft office (the only good MS product since Dos), I am content.

After 8 years of regular usage with its previous owner, it needed some cleaning. The outer casing is in perfect near mint condition, however dust is unavoidable. I was surprised how little amount of dust. Armed with a cloth, ethanol for cleaning and a clean toothbrush, the cleaning began. The last thing before assembling the mini again, was renewing the thermal paste. After 8 years the thermal paste was done for. I am confident it will be better at cooling once I begin to put it to work.

Now it is complete and ready to use. I have ordered the memory and the SSD. Soon it will be put to use again.