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My own net-radio

Radio is a lovely contrast to Spotify. You get to hear new music with mixed content and not just the same playlist or music Spotify might think you like.

I have no radio. I don’t even know where I should put it – and I might as well admit, I will be too lazy to even use it.

Before I learnt Python (or at least got into it), I was fiddling around with a setup similar to this, however it didn’t run optimal.
I already have an PIR motion sensor in my kitchen where I normally listen to radio. The PIR sensor already turns on the screen to my magic-mirror dashboard and it also turns on the light if needed. So in time I need to connect the PIR sensor to the radio as well.
I often hear the same handful of radio stations. I listen to a local station in the morning with the news and music. In the afternoon I might here some more upbeat music, whereas in the evening a 3rd station will be used.
I know VLC can play streams from the command line. A quick googling shows there is a python VLC module.

My current thoughts about the project

First things first. I need to create the radio player. I am thinking it should be controllable via the browser if I ever what to take manual control.
The idea is simple: Flask webserver, VLC’s python plugin, basic webpage and we are half the way.
I start with installing the environment, VLC and pip3 install python-vlc

Flask app.py

This is the radio in a nutshell. Download it, play with it, make it better if you ever need a radio.

This is a screenshot of the radio - do the styling your self.

Download Radio app